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The Group of Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology (GBMI) at the Chemical Engineering Department of UPC is a multidisciplinary research group combining basic and applied research in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, polymer engineering and genetic engineering. The research at GBMI focuses on the study of the structure and properties of membrane receptor proteins, enzymatic functional modification of polymers and biopolymers for industrial and biomedical applications, enzymatic synthesis and polymerization, chemical and enzymatic modification of proteins for industrial applications, purification, structural, biochemical and functional characterization of biomolecules. GBMI has large experience in Spanish and European research projects and in industry-driven projects

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Molecular Biotechnology Research
  • Pere Garriga:
Tel.:93 739 85 68
Fax.:93 739 82 25
Applied Biotechnology Research
  • Tzanko Tzanov:
Tel.:93 739 85 70
Fax.:93 739 82 25
Campus UPC Terrassa
Edifici Gaia, TR14 Rambla Sant Nebridi 22

08222 Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain)