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Microtubes centrifuge Eppendorf / Centrifuge 5424 Up to 14.680 rpm
Microtubes centrifuge Orto Alresa/Biocen 22R

Refrigerated centrifuge

Fixed-angle rotor  fitting up to 24 1.5-2 ml microtubes
Maximum speed up to 30000 g

Ultracentrifuge Beckman Coulter (Optima LE‐80K) Generating 602.000 x g at speeds of up to 80,000 rpm
± 0.3°C of set temperature (after equilibration) Maximum acceleration from 0 to set speed
Benchtop Centrifuge Beckman Coulter (Allegra X‐15R) 4 x 750 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor 5250 x g; 4.750 rpm
6 x 100 mL Fixed‐angle rotor 11.400 x g; 10.200 rpm
Temperature range from ‐10 ºC to +40 ºC (selectable)
Run times up to 99 hours, 59 min
10 user‐defined programs
High performance centrifuge

Kubota (6500) Maximum Speed: 22.000 rpm
Maximum capacity: 3.000 mL
Control system: Microprocessor control (brushless motor)

Alresa Fixed angle rotor of 30 degrees
Maximum speed upto 6.000 rpm
Permits use of up to 24 microtubes of 2.2 mL

Heraeus (Primo R) Six fixed angle, swinging bucket and microliter rotors for  all common tubes from 0.2 to 100 mL
Speeds up to 15.000 rpm
High performance centrifuge Beckman Coulter/ Avanti JXN 26

Refrigerated centrifuge

Rotor JLA 16.250 - fixed-angle rotor with Biosafety Lid, maximum speed is 16,000 rpm. maximum capacity 6 x 250 mL.                                                                               

Rotor JA-10 - fixed angle rotor, maximum speed is 10,000 rpm. maximum capacity 6 x 500 mL