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FTIR spectrophotometer
Perkin Elmer / FTIR Spectrum 100R UATR
Suitable for film, powder and solubilised samples
Multiwell plate reader
Tecan /Infinite M200 Fluorescence
Luminiscence and dual luminiscence
UV – Vis Spectophotometer
Thermo / Helios Gamma Up to seven cuvettes
External bath for temperature control
UV – Vis Spectophotometer
Cary (100Bio) Dual Beam
Various modules for simple, advanced reads, scanning  enzyme kinetics, etc.  
Wavelength accuracy:  ±0,2 nm

Wavelength range:  190 ‐ 900 nm
Connected to a  temperature controller Peltier accessory and water bath
UV – Vis Spectophotometer
Cary (1E) Dual beam with Single Czerny‐Turner as monochromator
Accessories for kinetics, thermal analysis, remote sampling  with fiber-optic probes, quantitative analysis, color  measurement, filler calculation, tablet dissolution
Photon Technologies QM-1 steady-state fluorescence Detection limit : 460 attomolar fluorescein in 0,1 M NaOH
Emission range : 185 nm to 680 nm (optional to 900 nm)
Light source: High efficiency continuous Xenon arc lamp  Wavelength accuracy: ±0,5 nm
Controlled with Peltier accessory TLC 50 from Quantum Northwest,and a hybrid liquid coolant system Reserator XT (Zalman)