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2 x Microtubes incubator Biosan / TS‐100 Temperature range: from r.t. up to 100 ºC
Multiwell plate incubator Talboys Temperature range: from r.t. up to 65 ºC

Infors AG Small, compact incubator shaker for nearly every type of  application
Speed 20–400 rpm
Temp. range approx. 5 °C above r.t. up to 60 °C  or 80 °C
2 x Water bath incubator Grant / OLS 200 Thermostatized baths
Temperature range: from r.t. to 99,8 ºC
Incubator 37 ºC Sanyo MIR-262 model Effective size: 153 L
6 shelves support
Temperature control range: from 5 ºC to 60 ºC
Electronic timer with delay timer
Digital display
Cooler Incubator Sanyo MIR-254 Effective capacity: 238 L
Control range from 5ºC to 35ºC, no load
5 adjustable shelves
2 rubber caps for access port
Incubation Shaker Box Certomat BS-T Temperature range from r.t. to 70 ºC
Shaking drive from 40 rpm to 400 rpm