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Cell culture equipment

Type II Class Hood-cell culture NuAire Provides biological containment protection for both  operator and product.
CO2 Incubators-cell culture NuAire Water jacketed CO2 incubator for cell culture
Closed loop class 100 HEPA filter system.
CO2 Incubators-cell culture Steriltech/Mode
l CCL-050B
VivoCell™ Precise Temperature, CO₂ Control and
High Humidity.
Air jacket provides isolation against ambient temperature fluctuations Filtered air circulates across water pan to accelerate humidifying process.
Sonicator Bendelin (Sonopuls) Sample volume of 1 to 1000 mL
20kHz Processing frequency
Pulsation: 10 – 100 % - storable (duty cycle, base 1 s)
Electroporation System BioRad Better gene delivery while maintaining cell viability.
Fast pulse time to minimize handling of cells.
Choice of delivery formate – cuvette or plate.
Autoclave Darlab
Autoclave Selecta
Ice Machine Ag‐ion
Liquid nitrogen Air Liquide Capacity of 40 L