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Dr. Carlos Diaz Blanco

Scientific profile


Dr. Carlos Díaz Blanco is a post-doctoral researcher in the Group of Molecular and Industrial Biotecnology (GBMI) in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He graduated from Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona in Chemistry and obtained his PhD at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in polymers and biopolymers. During his PhD, Dr. Díaz gained expertise in chemical and biochemical modification of (bio)polymers and enzymatic coupling/polymerisation reactions. He has participated in 4 EU and 1 industry funded projects and holds 2 European and 1 World patents on the enzymatic oxidative coupling of phenolic compounds into biopolymeric materials, and 6 peer-reviewed papers. Currently, his research is foccused on the optimization and up-scaling of all-natural adhesive formulations and on the functional coating of indwelling medical devices.


Scientific contributions


  • ERUTAN - A bio-based floor covering with ERUTAN inside, ECO/11/304532
  • NOVO - Novel approaches for prevention of biofilms formed on medical indwelling devices, e.g. catheters, FP7-278402
  • PHOTONANOTECH - Photosynthesis Inspired Technologies based on Photozyme Nanoparticles Applications for Water Purification, Textile Bleaching and Finishing and Photodynamic Mineralization, FP6-033168
  • ENZUP - Enzymatic upgrading of wool fibres, FP6-032877