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Prof. Pere Garriga Sole


Prof. Pere Garriga is the leader of the Molecular Biotechnology research at the GBMI. His research is focused on the structure-function relationships of membrane proteins and particularly on G-protein-coupled receptors. The molecular basis of disease associated with mutations in this important class of receptors is also a main area of interest, particularly mutations in the photoreceptor rhodopsin causing retinal degenerations. The molecular mechanisms of visual phototransduction are being currently studied including cone visual pigments. Other areas of interest are receptor-receptor interactions and ligand-receptor interactions and its relevance in neurological processes (like galanin-serotonin interactions in depression, and acetylchyoline muscarinic receptors involvement in Alzheimer disease), and in drug discovery.


Scientific contributions

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Researcher ID: C-1949-2017
Scopus ID: 6603773033
Orcid ID: 0000-0003-4234-8382