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Prof. Tzanko Tzanov


Prof. Tzanko Tzanov is the leader of the Applied Biotechnology research at the GBMI. Dr. Tzanov is a chemical engineer with large internationally acquired experience in biochemical functionalisation of (bio)polymers for industrial and biomedical applications, bioremediation of industrial effluents, enzymatic synthesis, polymerisation and coating. His post-doctoral research has been granted with Marie Curie and Ramon y Cajal fellowships. Dr. Tzanov has been participating in numerous industry-driven European research projects in the area of applied biotechnology, nanotechnology and health, several national and industry-funded projects, the CYTED programme for collaboration with Latin America, and the European research network COST. He is author of more than 100 peer reviewed papers and 12 patents in the area of materials and applied biotechnology.

Dr. Tzanov's scientific excellence and leadership have been recognised with ICREA Academia 2021 award.



Scientific contributions

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Researcher ID: F-1140-2016
Scopus ID: 35588105600
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-8568-1110


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